Pro Musica

Officer & Committee


1. The elected officials shall be: 

    (a) Chair

    (b) Co-Chair

    (c) Secretary

    (d) Publicity Chair

    (e) Treasurer

    (f)   Program Chair

    (g) Scholarship Committee Chair

    (h) Communications Committee Chair

    (i)   Yearbook Chair


2. The Chair shall preside at all regular meetings and execute the general business of the group.  The Chair shall appoint a Nomination Committee of three members in February and a Communications Committee in May.


3. The Co-Chair(s) shall be responsible for co-hosts at all meetings.


4. The Secretary shall be responsible for minutes and attendance. The Publicity Chair shall assist the Secretary as needed.


5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for collection and distribution of moneys.


6. The Program Chair shall be responsible for the planning and execution for all programs.  Two or more other members of his/her choice shall assist the Program Chair.


7. The Scholarship Committee will consist of one Chair and 2-3 members and will be responsible for the planning, execution and publicity of the Sheila & Werner Harms Young Artist Scholarship program.


8. The Communications Committee will consist of one Chair and 3-4 members to assist in the calling and emailing of members for meetings and other communications as necessary.


9. The Yearbook chair shall plan and publish the yearbook.


10. Elections shall occur at the regular March meeting.  Elected officers assume duties in May.




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